Why chose Dr Simone Matousek?

I am one of a few Australian female specialist plastic surgeons and work in Potts Point, Sydney, Australia. My area of expertise is large volume fat transfer of the breast, buttock ("Brazilian butt lift") and fat grafting of other body regions for contour defects. Large volume fat transfer, particularly of the breast is a newer technique in Australia it may not be available near where you live. If you are from interstate or overseas and would like to come to Sydney for your surgery, I offer skype consulting before you travel to to ensure you are suitable for a plastic surgery procedure.

My philosophy- "Look refreshed, not ridiculous."

Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is about being the best version of yourself. There are always limits to what plastic surgery can achieve; when excessive, it is not going to make you look better. You don’t want to join the fast emerging cosmetic alien race that is out there.

In the words of my favourite plastic surgery mentors, who used to say to prospective patients “I could do that, however, you will look different but not necessarily better.” Unfortunately a lot of what we are seeing these days following cosmetic procedures is just this.

There are however, non-surgical and surgical procedures available which when performed correctly will make you look younger in a natural way.

The secret to good plastic surgery is looking like you haven't had it.

You will be given adequate time during your consultation.

All new plastic and cosmetic surgery consultations are one hour.

Many people will need to return for a second consultation and are encouraged to do so prior to any major plastic surgery.

I will listen to your concerns, give you all the risks, and options.

There is no pressure to go ahead with any plastic surgical procedure.

Sometimes you may not be suitable, or what you thought was possible may not be. Or perhaps surgery scares you and you are not ready.

There are no high pressure sales tactics in my practice and there is a compulsory cooling off period if you want to proceed with a cosmetic procedure after a consultation. A second consultation is encouraged to give you enough time to go away and think about if cosmetic surgery is the correct decision for you.

I perform all non-surgical and surgical procedures myself.

These are not delegated to a nurse or doctor with less training.
An “assistant” won’t be doing any part of your operation.

You will have close and regular follow up after your plastic surgery procedure.

I am available post-surgery in the immediate phase to follow you up and address any concerns or for wound management. You will receive careful long-term follow you up as needed.

I understand the need to return work and sporting activities as soon as possible.

I understand most people these days can’t hideout for long periods of time following a procedure. I’m passionate about exercise and fitness as a way of life myself. I realise that this is an important part of many of my patient’s routines and I will try and get you back to your normal routine as soon as possible.

I do not believe in surgery as a “quick fix”.

Sometimes surgery is not the best decision. Unfortunately due to instagram filters and photoshopping, many people present for a consultation with unrealistic expectations.

I have had people come in and shown me instagram photos of perfectly sculpted six packs asking me to perform surgery to do this. I challenge people by saying have you seen these people’s bodies under a bright light with no filter from every angle without their stomach sucked in?

There are times I have sent people away to do squats or go to the gym. Or to go away to lose weight to get the best surgical results. I can’t give you a six pack with surgery and I’m not going to pretend I can.

Sometimes the hard pathway of diet and exercise is the best or I won't be able to achieve what you expect, and I will be honest enough to tell you.

I won’t tell you what you “need” but I will tell you honestly if I can’t achieve what you want.

I always say no one ever needs cosmetic procedures, there are certain things you may want to improve your appearance. Only you can pinpoint these to me and then I am happy to advise the best solutions for you. In the consultation I will hand you the mirror and ask you what bothers you, then I will tell you what is available to fix it.

Often what can be achieved with a procedure on one body is impossible on another. This is common with breast implants, the exact same implant can look vastly different in people with different body shapes.

I am highly trained plastic surgeon FRACS (Plast), have a PhD degree in surgical anatomy and regularly keep up with new plastic surgery techniques.

I have been doing plastic surgery and research in plastic surgery since I was a resident. I spent quite a few years discovering new surgical anatomy in the breast and gluteal region after I qualified as a plastic surgeon.

I love the precision combined with artistry required with plastic surgery required to achieve the best aesthetic results.

No two faces or bodies are the same and each one needs careful individualized planning. This makes it in my opinion one of the most exciting and interesting surgical specialties to work in. Being able to make someone feel better and more confident about the way they look is highly rewarding.