Brazilian butt lift (BBL) or buttock augmentation in Sydney


What can “Brazilian butt lift” or buttock augmentation with fat grafting achieve?

Buttock augmentation with fat grafting (colloquially known as Brazilian butt lift or BBL due to its popularity and origins in Brazil) is a natural way of achieving a more rounded bottom, giving it a fuller more lifted appearance with fat transfer from unwanted areas.

It is not only the fat itself that leads to a better buttock contour but also the removal of fat around it that is important. Fat above the buttocks in the “love handle” area when removed leads to even greater definition and a smaller waistline which enhances the results of the fat transfer to the buttock.

Improvements in dimpling and cellulite can be achieved through precise placement of the fat.

Who is suitable for buttock augmentation with fat grafting?

Anyone wishing for a more rounded buttock contour with adequate fat stores.

With ageing or weight loss, there is loss of fat in this area which can lead to ptosis or sagging of the buttocks.

Massive weight loss patients are prone to volume loss in this area. Redistributing fat into this area can lead to a vast improvement in overall body contouring.

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery

Fat is harvested from unwanted areas, centrifuged (spun to purify it) and re injected into the buttocks. Micrografting is performed to ensure adequate fat blood supply and survival. The fat is placed in multiple planes creating a three dimensional rounded buttock contour.

Scars are placed in areas where they are not visible to inject and harvest the fat.

Performing safe buttock augmentation

Recently there have been a number of highly publicised deaths from Brazilian butt lift surgery due to fat embolism (this means fat entering blood vessels and blocking off blood supply to vital organs). Whilst complications can occur with any form of surgery, it has been  demonstrated that these particular risks can be significantly minimised by avoiding injections in certain areas which are well know amongst experienced surgeons to increase complication rates.

An excellent knowledge of anatomy in this area is paramount to know where and how to inject safely. Being aware of what are considered to be attractive buttock proportions and aesthetics is critical to create the right amount of buttock augmentation and lift. Overfilling and inattention to the normal structures in the area such as the configuration of the buttock crease and thigh tissues can lead to unattractive results. Buttock anatomy and the impact of liposuction and surgical procedures on the structures in this area was a large component of Dr Simone Matousek’s PhD thesis.

Injecting just enough fat to achieve an ideal Brazilian butt lift

A large part of the gluteal contour is created by the gluteus maximus muscle. Everyone has the ability with the right exercise program to increase its volume to some extent and this is the one important thing patients can do to maximise and improve results of their Brazilian butt lift. It creates a thick layer of support and helps lift the overlying potential fat grafted areas.

More volume does not necessarily create more lift in the long term. Like all body parts, the larger the volume, the more prone to the effects of gravity and sagging if this balance is wrong. More weight from above can also disrupt the gluteal crease structure (the crease under the buttock cheek); excessive weight above it makes it longer which makes the buttock look unaesthetic and heavy. An ideal gluteal crease sits midway across the thigh, and does not extend right across the thigh.

Implants for buttock augmentation compared with buttock fat grafting

In the buttock region, implants are not available in as extensive a number of shapes and sizes as they are for breast augmentation due to the popularity and superiority of fat grafting. As the area requiring filling is diffuse, fat grafting with placement of micro fat grafts exactly where they are needed is much more effective than an implant which limits the augmentation to a defined area.

Recovery time from Brazilian butt lift

The liposuction harvest sites and injection sites are very small, therefore heal very quickly within a week. Pain is usually dependent on the volume of liposuction performed. Most people are mobilising the day of surgery and whilst there are no restrictions to movement required for recovery, pain does limit a full range of motion for 1-2 weeks. People’s pain experience is highly variable and dependent on the volume injected and the liposuction sites that are used. A pressure garment needs to be worn on liposuction donor sites for 6 weeks to ensure the best results.