Which face and neck rejuvenation options are available?

Facelift and necklift are just some of the many different methods available to rejuvenate the face and neck. Many times, a combination of procedures, both surgical and non-surgical are best to achieve optimal results.

Whilst there are excellent non-surgical options for the face, for the ageing neck, if there is significant jowl development, ptosis or sagging skin in the neck, facelift is the best option.

All available options will be discussed with you during your extensive one hour facial rejuvenation consultation.

Non-surgical options for the face include:

Broadband light -anti-ageing moderate effect on wrinkles, excellent for pigment, redness and broken capillaries

Laser-fractionated or full resurfacing- excellent for wrinkles and skin irregularity and tightening (note this type of laser cannot be performed on the neck).

Filler to replace volume loss or fill deeper lines, botulinum toxin injections for dynamic lines

Non-surgical options for the neck

Broadband light -anti-ageing moderate effect on wrinkles, excellent for pigment, redness and broken capillaries, no real lifting capacity

Note lasers cannot be performed on the neck due to thin skin

Venus freeze non-surgical skin tightening excellent for early ageing in the neck and prevention, however, does not work if significant skin excess is present

Filler for fine neck lines, botulinum toxin injections for platysmal banding

Surgical options for the face

Facelift (including short scar)

Fat grafting (can be done at same time as face and neck lifting)

Blepharoplasties (upper and lower, can be done at same time as face and neck lifting)

Brow lift (can be done at same time as face and neck lifting)

Surgical options for the neck

Neck liposuction

Necklift (through posterior scar behind the ear and hidden in the hairline)

Platysmaplasty (through submental incision hidden in the chin crease; necessary for people with signficant skin excess under the chin or banding)

What type of scars will I have from a facelift and necklift?

Although scars from this type of procedure are fairly long, this is necessary to deal with skin excess which is often present.

They are so well hidden in the crease in front of the ear and the hairline that they are well hidden in the majority of cases within a few weeks of surgery.

What technique of facelift is used?

Dr Simone uses a SMASectomy with posterior  (and anterior platysmaplasty if necessary) which she has found leads to consist results without excessive risk to facial nerves.

The surgery

Surgery is performed in a hospital under general anaesthetic with an anaesthetist. It usually requires an overnight stay as drains are used for 24-48 hours.

Local anaesthetic is injected at the time of surgery to help with post-operative pain relief. Padded dressings and neck compression are used following surgery.

When will I be socially presentable?

Bruising on the face and neck can last for around two weeks.

People less prone to bruising would be socially presentable earlier in makeup after stitch removal at one week. Hair can be styled to cover the scars during the acute phase of healing.

A well done face and necklift is much less perceptible than poorly done volumising procedures that overfill the face to compensate for lifting which requires surgical scars.

How long does a facelift and necklift last?

The normal process of ageing does unfortunately continue post surgery. However, with good skin care, laser procedures and volume maintenance, patients should get an excellent result for 10-15 years or more in the absence of severe weight changes. How long it lasts often depends how particular one is, and small revisions to remove excess skin and slight recurrence of facial ptosis can be done according to patient requirements.

Neck liposuction with Venus freeze post-op