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Full laser resurfacing procedure uses a 2940 nm Erbium YAG laser delivered through a focused scanning device that is set to a precise depth in the dermis. It is more aggressive than profractional laser as it takes the entire skin down to the level, not just microchannels Therefore healing is slower, however, with greater downtime, however with greater effect on deeper lines.

It is especially effective for deep lines around the mouth, chin and eyes.

Healing of the skin takes 7-10 days depending on the depth of the treatment. Redness can persist for some weeks afterwards, however can be covered with makeup. It is normal for the skin to ooze blood and serous fluid for the first 48 hours following a treatment. Vaseline can be applied to the areas.

Topical local anaesthesia is applied for an hour before the procedure and is supplemented with topical nerve blocks to make the procedure comfortable.

The procedure itself takes around an hour and then it is advisable to remain in the rooms for icing and recovery for at least 30 minutes afterwards.