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What is hybrid breast augmentation or reconstruction?

Hybrid breast augmentation is when a combination of fat grafting and breast implants is used for breast augmentation.

Who is hybrid breast augmentation or reconstruction useful in?

Constricted breasts

Constriction of the breast can be seen in all parts, however, is most common in the lower part. This can lead to double bubble deformities if this constriction is not corrected with fat grafting. Releasing the constriction band and the placement of fat can prevent this band from springing back.

Tuberous breasts

This complex congenital breast problem can manifest in a number of ways and the problem can be asymmetrical or symmetrical. There is constriction of the breast (sometimes very severe), and herniation of the nipple-areolar complex and breast ptosis.

Fat grafting can help correct the asymmetry and constriction. Sometimes a severe tuberous breast will require a two-stage approach with fat grafting to release the constriction and then placement of breast implants as it can be too tight initially to combine the two in one operation.

Breast asymmetry

Very often it is more precise to correct breast asymmetry with a fat graft rather than try and then place two implants that are the same size. Fat can be placed exactly where the asymmetry is rather than a larger implant which simply differs in width and projection in a generalised manner.

People without enough tissue cover for subglandular breast augmentation

Some people will not have enough tissue to have a subglandular breast augmentation and will therefore need a subpectoral (under the muscle) breast augmentation so the implant edges are not visible.

It is estimated that being able to pinch 2cm of tissue in the upper part of the breast means there is enough tissue for a subglandular breast augmentation

For patients who do a lot of upper body training, subglandular placement with fat can have an advantage in preventing animation of the implant (distortion with muscle activity) and movement of the breast implant which can occur over time in a subpectoral position. However, many athletic individuals may not have adequate fat stores for this to be viable and have to accept the disadvantages of subpectoral placement to avoid implant visibility.

Breast reconstruction post-cancer

Post-mastectomy reconstruction leaves a very thin tissue cover and breast fat grafting is almost always advantageous in these situations to give better coverage of the breast implant.

Who is hybrid breast augmentation or reconstruction not useful in?

People with adequate coverage for their breast implant

There is no real advantage in adding fat if there is good coverage and relative breast symmetry. Fat grafting in this situation simply adds time and cost to the procedure and will not be advantageous.

Very slender people with symmetrical breasts and no significant fat stores

In these situations, the problems associated with liposuction in very thin people (ie liposuction defects) are not worth the risk of achieving minimal fat coverage. Also, people that are naturally very thin will not retain the fat well.

Having hybrid breast augmentation or reconstruction in Sydney

Dr Simone is one of the most experienced breast fat grafting surgeons in Australia. She has been regularly performing this procedure for over 10 years.

There are Medicare item numbers for those with congenital breast problems or post breast-cancer reconstruction for fat grafting. There are criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to be eligible for these.

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