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There is much focus on options to slow the ageing process in the face, however, the neck often does not get as much attention.

The skin on the neck is thin, and as a result, it is less robust and ages faster than the skin on the face. As the skin starts off so thin, and this worsens with ageing, trying to stimulate collagen synthesis at an early stage is

Fillers and fat grafting have limited use in the neck as these can be visible under the thin skin layer,  and cannot simulate the delicate subcutaneous fat layer.

The constant neck flexion of using devices all the time is thought to accelerate neck ageing. Try to always work with the neck in a neutral position.

Using active collagen stimulating ingredients is key in all skin care treatments. All the active ingredients used in the face should be carried down to the neck and decolletage. If using prescription strength vitamin A creams (one of the most powerful anti-aging agents) a weaker percentage may need to be used in these areas as it is more prone to irritation.

Broadband light (Sciton Forever Young BBL)

Broadband light is the gold standard when it comes to intense pulsed light. It involves using a series of filters that improve pigmentation, redness and capillaries, acne and at the same time reduces the signs of ageing. The treatment is comfortable, generally has a low downtime and settings can be adjusted according to the skin type.  Forever Young BBL is not just an aesthetic treatment for existing skin damage. It can also be a preventive regimen or “Prejuvenation™” for keeping young skin looking young. It gives cumulative improvements in skin texture, evenness of skin tone and elasticity.


Some fractionated lasers can be used on the neck skin at lower settings. Healing times tend to be slightly longer than the face, but give effective skin tightening and reduction in neck wrinkles.

Bio-modelling injections

A quick low downtime treatment injectable hyaluronic acid that works as a beneath the skin moisturising treatment and stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Radiofrequency skin tightening

There are many different radiofrequency treatments and it is an effective skin tightening device. Like some other skin tightening treatments, fat loss has been reported with higher temperatures, therefore in very thin necks other therapies may be more effective.

PDO threads

Multiple fine absorbable polydiaxonone (polymer) threads are inserted into the neck skin in  a criss-crossing manner and dissolve over three months, stimulating collagen production.

Renuvion J plasma

This treatment combines helium plasma with proprietary radiofrequency energy to heat the connective tissues beneath the skin and stimulates skin retraction and formation of new collagen. The probe is inserted through around three small incision points usually under a general anaesthetic and can be done with or without liposuction. Renuvion can be used for mild to moderate skin neck laxity and can improve jowling. There is immediate tightening visible and results improve for more 6-12 months. It needs three small incisions less than 1cm.

Once jowling and significant laxity of the underlying platysma muscle is present, necklift is the best option.

However, regular collagen stimulating treatments can help maintain the neck skin in good shape as performing a necklift on very thin skin with a lot of sun damage will not give optimal results.

All plastic surgery procedures carry risks. The content on this page is general in nature and does not constitute medical advice. Before proceeding with any cosmetic procedure, you should seek a consultation by an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Dr Simone Matousek Specialist Plastic Surgeon (MED0001186148)