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Due to new restrictive advertising guidelines, as a specialist plastic surgeon with extensive experience in managing volume loss and wrinkles, I cannot be specific or accurately describe all treatments available at my clinic.

This is a shame, as non-surgical treatments and minimally invasive face, neck and body treatments are as much my passion and area of interest as is surgery.

I perform all non-surgical treatments at my clinic to the face, neck and chest.

Providing educational information about available treatments is a normal part of any specialist practice and silencing this kind of information is of no benefit to the consumer. I advise you to go reputable websites such as American ASPS to get more specific information about the therapies not listed on here.

Many patients will benefit from a combination of treatments. Whilst I can provide details on light and laser treatments available, anything considered a prescription medicine cannot be mentioned specifically on here. You will notice a significant absence of information about certain treatments on this site and it is not through choice.