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Dr Simone Matousek Potts Point Plastic Surgery

Your first and second consultation

The prospect of undergoing any form of surgery is daunting, so your first consultation is designed to give you plenty of time to discuss your potential procedure with Dr Simone Matousek and be made aware of the risks and estimated recovery times.

A second consultation will be essential prior to undergoing cosmetic surgery to further discuss your procedure, ask questions and sign a consent form during your consultation with Dr Simone.

You will then need to go and have a think about the options you have been provided with. If you decide after careful deliberation that you are certain you wish to proceed, one week after this second consultation is the earliest you can book your surgery. 

You can fill out our patient information sheet in advance to give us important details needed about your past medical history, previous surgeries, medications and allergies and why you are attending the consultation with Dr Simone. It is useful to bring a current list of all medications that you take, including herbal remedies, vitamins etc.

Clinical photographs need to be taken at the time of a consultation to objectively assess treatment outcomes. You will be given a consent form to sign regarding use of your images and be given a number of options about the use of your photographs.  All material collected is treated as strictly confidential and you can elect to provide your images for your medical file only, for research, to show other patients or for use in advertising such as the website or social media. Whilst it is nice for future patients to be able to see before an afters, it is not compulsory and you can withdraw your consent for their use in publication at any time. 

Dr Simone’s approach

No matter what your area of concern, you will be presented with an honest assessment if the decision to proceed with a procedure is the correct one for you, and also of the risks and recovery time involved.

It is a good idea to bring old photos of yourself if you are coming for a facial rejuvenation consultation. 

Especially for patients interested in rhinoplasty or other facial aesthetic work, breast augmentation or breast lift, selecting photographs of the type of appearance one hopes to achieve with surgery (from available standardised before and afters) is a good way of conveying your surgical goals and to assess if they are realistic.

You will be able to see de-identified, confidential images at the time of your consultation of  people who have given their permission for other potential patients to see their photographs. These photographs will be selected to show similar body types or results to what a person may expect for their particular area of concern.

Getting ready for your consultation

Check your email

After you make your appointment, we will send you an email with directions on how to get to our rooms and instructions about your appointment and an outline of the expected costs if you are having a treatment.

Children and support people during appointments

Please only bring one support person only to your appointment.
Combined appointments with friends or family are not recommended. Please make individual appointment slots.
Children who are able to sit quietly and entertain themselves are welcome. However, those who will require attention during your consultation should not be brought to the rooms as this is very distracting during appointments.

Arrive at least 15 minutes early

This allows you to fill out paperwork before the consultation so you get your full time with Dr Matousek. The doctor tends to run on time and if you are significantly late, this may shorten your consultation on very busy days. With the increased amount of paperwork now required by law, we are unable to extend appointment times in the event you are extremely late.

GP or specialist referral is compulsory

A valid and current GP referral is now mandatory for all cosmetic surgery procedures. We therefore require a valid GP referral forwarded to the practice at least 48 hrs prior to your appointment.
It is not necessary for non-surgical procedures.
It is highly advised for non-cosmetic consultations, although not compulsory but is essential for any Medicare rebates. These cannot be provided retrospectively and must be obtained prior to your consultation.

Test results and past medical history

If you have had previous procedures that are relevant to the consultation, please be organised and bring these with you. This includes imaging such as ultrasounds, mammograms, CTs MRIs or blood tests or biopsy results. If you are unable to obtain these, contact the practice manager prior to the consultation and they may be able to get these sent to us. If you have had previous breast implants, you have often been given an implant card with the size and brand which is very helpful if you are able to locate it.


There is sometimes parking in the grounds of St Luke's hospital at an hourly rate. Otherwise there is plenty of off street parking for one hour or a Wilson parking in the nearby Ward avenue. We do send directions on how to get to the practice, please look for these in your inbox and call before your appointment if it is not clear.

Consultation and in rooms procedure pricing

Cosmetic surgical or non-surgical cosmetic consultation


One hour consultation
Non-cosmetic surgical consultation


One hour consultation
Second consultation


30 minute consultation
Broadband light


full face or chest
Microlaser peel


full face or chest
Profractional laser


full face or chest

Treatment of skin cancers

Skin cancer consultation


One hour consultation

Minor procedures

If a patient would like removal of a small skin lump or mole, it can be done on the same day as the consultation under local anaesthesia in Dr Simone Matousek’s fully equipped procedure room.

You will need your suitability for an in rooms excision to be assessed prior to coming to your consultation.

Please notify the practice staff prior at your appointment booking that you would like a same day in rooms excision.

You will need to forward photographs of the area and biopsy results to assess if it is suitable for a same day in rooms excision or needs day surgery admission.

Payment of consultation and procedure fees

Dr Simone is a private billing specialist medical practice. Please refer to the price list above as to the cost of a consultation and in rooms procedures and make all enquiries as to the likely costs prior to coming with the practice staff.

In person quotes will be provided for prospective non-surgical and surgical treatments once reviewed by Dr Simone.

All fees are payable on the day of the consultation or in rooms treatment.

Post-surgical follow-up for one year is included in the cost of the surgery if it pertains to that surgery and not a new problem.

We are able to process Medicare rebates provided you bring all details on the day of your consultation- a valid referral and a current non-expired Medicare card. At times if your details are not current and it is rejected by Medicare’s electronic system, you may need to process your claim manually. Please be responsible in bringing these details with you as claims cannot be chased retrospectively for you if you do not bring the correct information at the time of your consultation.

If you would like an estimate prior to coming for a consultation, please send photographs for assessment. CosAs faces and bodies vary greatly in w that can be provided, however, will not be accurate and may change. For many procedures, it is not possible to give accurate estimates as all faces and bodies vary greatly.

It is against the law to provide discounts on surgeries or surgical packages. Please do not ask the staff or Dr Matousek for discounts on surgical fees. 

There are no deferred payments or payment plans available at the practice.

Surgical fees are payable in full one month prior to any major surgery. If there are rebates for your particular procedure, these can be claimed on the day of the surgery.

The practice is not a no gap or gap cover provider for any major surgical procedure. This includes breast reduction, removal of breast implants and abdominoplasty. All surgeries have anaesthetic and surgical gaps. For insured patients, item numbered surgeries have hospital time and stays covered by your insurer apart from the hospital excess. 

If part or all of your surgery is covered by an item number, please ensure you call your insurer and check your level of cover is adequate, and what your excess is. Many plastic surgical procedures require the higher levels of private insurance cover. 



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