Dr Simone is highly experienced at skin cancer surgery all over the body.

She has a rapid and easy referral system for skin lesions. Most patients can be seen within 2-3 weeks for urgent skin cancers.

Some skin lesions can be removed and a simple closure can be performed. Smaller straightforward lesions can be done in the consulting rooms under local anaesthesia on the same day.

Larger more complex lesions requiring reconstruction with a skin graft (skin taken from a distant site) or flap closure (skin taken from an adjacent site with its blood supply) are best done in the hospital. They are usually done under local anaesthetic with sedation, or a general anaesthetic; this depends on the patient’s concurrent medical conditions.

Dr Simone Matousek and her anaesthetist no gap all patients with full private health insurance cover requiring skin lesions to be treated in the hospital.

There is a referral form below for GPs and dermatologists than can be downloaded.