Interstate and international patients

Due to the limited number of Australian surgeons trained in fat grafting and her extensive experience in this field, patients travel from all over Australia to see Dr Simone Matousek. Please find some information below on the logistics of coming for a consultation from interstate or overseas.

About Fat Grafting

Initial skype consultation

You can fill out a patient information sheet that will be sent to you electronically prior to your Skype consultation or can be downloaded by clicking on the sheet on this page. You can email photographs to Dr Simone for review. A Skype consultation can then be arranged to assess suitability for surgery and if it is worth coming to Sydney for a consultation.

Any pre-operative investigations such as MRI scans can usually be arranged close to where you live or can be arranged to coincide with a pre-operative visit.

Book a skype consultation

New Patient Information

Face to face consultation prior to surgery

This can be accommodated for people living several hours away to coincide close to the surgery to avoid two trips (if the patient feels comfortable with this option).

Certain things may not be apparent during a Skype consultation, and there is no obligation to undergo surgery until you meet Dr Simone face to face.

Hospital stay

If you are accompanied by a friend or partner, you can be discharged from hospital on the same day as surgery if deemed fit. However, if you are coming to Sydney alone, an overnight hospital stay is mandatory or organising a nursing service to look after you for the first night post surgery. You cannot self-discharge from hospital on the day of surgery under any circumstances.

Recommended length of stay

This will depend on how big a procedure you are undergoing.

Fat grafting alone has a rapid recovery and is done as day surgery in the majority of cases. Where more extensive liposuction has been done (multiple sites and a large volume) or in combination with another procedure (such as an abdominoplasty) a hospital stay is recommended.

After the skype consult?

How to organise your pre-op face to face consultation, surgery and accommodation


Where to stay after hospital discharge

Dr Simone’s practice is conveniently located very close to the Sydney CBD. It is easily accessible by public transport and is only 20 mins from the airport. One of the hospitals she operates at is adjacent to the practice, the other is only a short drive from the practice. There are numerous accommodation options nearby.

Follow up

Stitch removal following fat transfer is usually done at 7 days post-operatively. This can be done by your local GP to whom Dr Simone can give instructions to and maintain close contact with to assist your recovery. Alternatively, if you prefer Dr Simone to do this, you can choose to remain in Sydney for one week.

Long term follow up

You are encouraged to arrange follow up with Dr Simone at a later stage to assess your final results. Again, if this is not possible, email updates are an alternative if you are satisfied with your results and do not require follow up.

Undergoing surgery in Sydney

Most fat grafts are done as day stay procedures. Nursing and carer services are available as well as overnight hospital stays in patients coming alone to Sydney.

How long you need to stay will depend on the extent of your procedure and any other concurrent medical issues you may have, and if you are travelling alone or with someone. However generally after an average fat grafting procedure depending on your situation you will be fit to fly home within a few days for short haul flights within Australia.