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Some plastic surgery procedures have Medicare item numbers and can be partially covered by your medical insurance. There will still be out of pocket costs or gaps as a result of the surgeon fee, anaesthetist fee and any hospital excess.

You will given an itemised quote at the time of your consultation. Whilst we attempt to be as accurate as possible, it is an estimate only, and we cannot be responsible if your health insurer denies you cover. As well, Medicare criteria are subject to change. It is important you speak with your insurer and quote the item numbers to ensure you have adequate cover.

Payment plans are not an option for procedures at this practice.

A list of some of the plastic surgery procedures that are covered, and the criteria that need to be fulfilled are outlined below.

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck only if the following criteria are met:

(a) there is intertrigo or another skin condition that risks loss of skin integrity and has failed 3 months of conventional (or non surgical) treatment; and

(b) the redundant skin and fat interferes with the activities of daily living; and

(c) the weight has been stable for at least 6 months following significant weight loss prior to the lipectomy

Breast lift or mastopexy post childbirth if the following conditions are met:

Breast ptosis, correction by mastopexy of (bilateral), if:

(a) at least two-thirds of the breast tissue, including the nipple, lies inferior to the infra-mammary fold where the nipple is located at the most dependent, inferior part of the breast contour; and

(b) if the patient has been pregnant—the correction is performed not less than 1 year, or more than 7 years, after completion of the most recent pregnancy of the patient; and

(c) photographic evidence (including anterior, left lateral and right lateral views), with a marker at the level of the inframammary fold, demonstrating the clinical need for this service, is documented in the patient notes


Tuberous congenital breast malformation

Breast asymmetry

Breast reconstruction with implants

Removal of breast implants and capsulectomy if there are complications

Fat transfer unfortunately has no insurance cover in Australia, even if a better option for reconstruction or breast congenital conditions. Hopefully this will change in the future as it is an accepted form of reconstruction by health insurers in the United States and Europe.