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Dr Carl D'Souza Anaesthetist

Dr Carl D’Souza has over a decade of experience in anaesthesia. He will ensure you have a comfortable, safe anaesthetic and excellent post-operative pain relief.

Dr Simone Matousek has been working with Dr Carl D’Souza since she started her practice.

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Safe anaesthetic for plastic and cosmetic surgery

The prospect of having a general anaesthetic for plastic surgery can be daunting and there is the common misconception that a local anaesthetic is safer. To be under general anaesthesia in a controlled environment such as an accredited hospital is much safer than attempting larger procedures in a doctor’s  rooms under what is called local anaesthetic and sedation. Dr Simone Matousek works with a select group of anaesthetists who ensure you are well looked after, that your operative experience is safe, and that any post-operative pain is carefully managed.

Some smaller procedures can be done with a combination of local anaesthesia and sedation (where the patient is mostly unaware of what is going on but awake), however any larger procedure is too uncomfortable and unsafe to be performed in this manner. For these cases general anaesthesia (where the patient is totally asleep) is best. In either situation, there is always an anaesthetist on hand to take care of this and it will be done in an accredited hospital facility where you are carefully monitored.

They will contact you well before your procedure to discuss any previous anaesthetics or health problems. You may also attend a pre-operative consultation with them if you have a complex medical history or wish to do so.

You will be given a quote at the time of consultation which breaks down the cost of the procedure, the anaesthetist and the hospital.

Many procedures have a rebate for the anaesthetic fee from your health fund, which you will be able to claim after surgery. Our practice manager can inform you of how much you will get back for any given procedure.